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This page only contains our most recent How-To Guides and Useful Advice posts.

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How To Guides

Faster charging

You can charge your phone or tablet much faster if it's in airplane mode as it turns off wifi, mobile signal, location and bluetooth. This is also useful if you're trying to preserve your phone battery (although nobody will be able to call you when it's turned on)....

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Using the F-x keys

Ever wondered about those mysterious F1, F2, F3... keys at the top of your keyboard? They can be useful (Windows), although the problem is not every single program co-operates. F1... in most programs it will open the help documentation. F2... if you have selected a...

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Address bar focus

In virtually all web browsers, using [Ctrl] + L on your keyboard will highlight the address bar, enabling you to quickly search or type in a website address without having to reach for your mouse. You don't need to visit Google (other search engines are available) to...

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View your clipboard history

Windows 10 now lets you view a history of items you've copied to it. Use [Windows Key] + V to view it: Simply click on any item in the list and it'll paste where your cursor is. Clicking on the three dots to the right of each item will give you the options to delete...

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Switch between programs

You might already know you can use Alt+Tab on your keyboard to switch between your open programs: but if you press Win+Tab, Windows will display all the programs you have open and you can click on the one you want to switch to: And if you have multiple displays (e.g....

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Useful Advice

Newsletter: LastPass and Last Year

Changes to LastPass and what they mean for you, and the full results from our Client Satisfaction Survey. Changes to LastPass (deadline 16 March) We've long-recommended LastPass as our preferred password management software. In short, you have a single 'master'...

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Newsletter: Cycles of Things

We were glued to our screens in January, watching events unfold in America. The big news which captured our attention, of course, was that Joe Biden's Peloton exercise bike was to be banned from the White House for security reasons—but how is that relevant to you?...

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Newsletter: Say “cheese”!

We’re always skeptical about simple solutions for solving complex problems. Computer security software that promises 100% protection; the revolutionary new marketing technique which is the only one you’ll ever need; the latest weight-loss method...   In other words,...

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